Official Training and Maintenance Partner of Willard Marine Inc.

Design and Facilitation


Design and facilitation of curricula for military, law enforcement corporations/clients related to maritime operations, technical systems, organizational leadership and development including; mission, vision and goal setting, technology, change management, team building and leadership development.

Learning Management System and Electronic Learning (eLearning)


Learning Management System and Electronic Leaning (eLearning); this system provides an eLearning capability to each of our clients to include; program and course development, eLearning training program management, administrative support and the hosting of the client’s eLearning site.

Training Plan Development


The training plan is based on the priorities determined during the training needs analysis. The plan shall state the training program mission, vision, learning and performance objectives, identify target audiences,  establish delivery method for each objective, determine the content of material, performance activities, documentation and supporting material that will be utilized throughout the program, establish qualification measurements (measures of performance /effectiveness), time-frames and milestones, and establish qualification standards.

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)


The assessment of training and its application to meet a specific training requirement to provide the basis for determining existing and potentially future mission essential tasks required to accomplish an organization’s mission.

Technical Training and Publications


Technical Training and Publications - Strategos is a full-service technical training design and development company. We design training programs tailored to the instructional needs of the audience and delivered in the media best suited to the instructional environment and the client's budget. A thorough instructional analysis, in which the client participates from concept to storyboard, occurs before any product is committed to its delivery medium.