Maritime Services Capabilities


Strategos has a proven record of excellence in supporting Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security initiatives and missions that require quality top-end training, maintenance, and operational expertise.  Our past performance supporting small boat design and manufacturing, maintenance support, operational and training support services efforts across the maritime infrastructure includes providing subject matter experts, maintenance technicians, small boat operators, and instructors in a myriad of competencies to include: small boat and combatant craft design, maintenance, operational services and training for industry and the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security.



Strategos Team will deliver maritime services to include service life extension, preventative and corrective maintenance, inspections, maintenance program planning, small boat design, and small boat inspections, and maritime training while providing expert knowledge and operational experience, to ensure each craft is fully mission capable.

Service Offerings


  • Craft Inspections
  • Maintenance Programs Development
  • Service Life Extension Programs
  • Preventative and Corrective Maintenance
  • Personnel Services
  • Small boat and Combatant Craft Design
  • Consulting Services
  • Training Services

Certified Maintenance/Instruction

Technology Staff Capabilities



  • Project Manager
  • Technical Team Lead
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Small Boat Technicians
  • Instructors

Certified Maintenance/Instruction